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Decades of food truck history in Hawaii

Hawaii has had a rich history of meals on wheels dating back to the 70's with the introduction of the "Manapua Man" You remember the Manapua Man, right? Well... maybe not. These days the once unavoidable Manapua Man is only in small scattered neighborhoods, but although the numbers have dwindled, its business as usual for this microcosm of food and wares. Much ...

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Welcome to My Office. Have a Seat.

Flying in to Maui early in the morning is usually met with an immediate trip to Krispy Kreme by the airport. However, this trip was a bit different. About halfway from the airport to my hotel in Kihei, sits an interesting food truck. My Office. Unlike most Food Trucks, My Office operates first thing in the morning. This bistro on wheels, opens up shop at ...

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Nonstop Kaka’ako

The trucks were out in force for the Nonstop Kaka'ako block party. Over 30 food vendors lined 3 different streets in the Kaka'ako area for this event. And though it technically didnt start until 4pm, crowds started to gather much earlier. Many of your favorite Street Grindz vendors from Eat The Street, as well as some newcomers. Everywhere you turned, there was ...

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