Like Sample? – Chicken Adobo Meatball Bao

Posted on February 24, 2014

SMPL: Chicken Adobo Meatball Bao

Today’s sample comes from popular Honolulu Pop-Up, Miso & Ale known for their gastropub inspired fare.


Inspired by NYC restaurant Baohaus and it’s  Chef Eddie Huang (Powerful Eddie Huang), Miso & Ale created a stuffed bao menu that highlighted local ingredients, and their personal style and techniques to create this glorious bite.


A warm fluffy steamed bao stuffed with a handmade chicken adobo meatball and topped with Okinawan kim chee.
With the deep flavor profile of the adobo seasoning  inside the meatball and the sour spice of the Okinawan kim chee, these created a bite that really hits all the right notes.

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