Street Grindz #weeklybiteZ – Deconstructed Musubi

Posted on October 20, 2014

Our #weeklybiteZ series will showcase a different mobile food vendor each week, so that next time you see your favorite food truck or want to check out a new one, you’re armed with a little background.

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While there is no shortage of musubis in Hawaii…can you name a snack shop or restaurant that serves them deconstructed? We can only think of one, and turning the concept of a traditional musubi on its head is what sets Uncle’s Kitchen apart from all the others!

Deconstructed Musubi – a breakdown:

Layer 1: A piece of deep-fried nori

Layer 2: Rice, and sometimes mashed potatoes.

Layer 3: Unconventional toppings like Loco Moco (ground beef, egg and gravy), Poke, Dynamite Chicken and even Mac-n-Cheese!


The possibilities are endless, as they always seem to come up with a new topping each time we visit! If you haven’t tried these tasty bites yet, be sure you do at our next Eat The Street!

Uncle’s Kitchen Lunch Wagon[email protected]

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