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Eat The Street #ProTip: Take A Seat

January 2, 2014  //food trucks, The Blogs//No comments
This was our very first Eat The Street #ProTip, and its definitely the best one. When it comes to making sure you have a seat, our first tip is to come early.  We do provide some seating, but it does fill up quick, so the earlier you get there, the better chance you have at getting one of the seats under the big tent. Event generally starts at 4pm.

2) Tall Tables just outside the big tent:

If you cant find a seat under the tent, look just outside the tent. There are a few tall round tables outside. While these don’t provide seating, it is somewhere to place your food and gather with friends.

Curbside dining at Eat The Street Hawaii

3) Curb Appeal

Sometimes the best part of dining al fresco is hanging out curbside with good friends. Takes me back to a simpler time. This ones for those of you who remember high school (or are currently in high school. Shou out to you guys too.)

Guests bring chairs and even blankets to Eat The Street Hawaii

4) B.Y.O.C. – Bring Your Own Chair

(or blanket)

Sometimes, the best way to make sure you have a seat, is to bring a seat.
Many people bring folding chairs, beach mats and even towels. We’ve even seen pillows.

Monster Cart carrying chairs and blankets for the whole family at Eat The Street Hawaii

5) D.I.Y.???

I remember seeing these guys out at our Kapolei Eat The Street a few different times. I mean, talk about getting it done. This awesome big wheeled cart carrying chairs and stuff for the whole family. I wonder what other creative solutions you guys will come up with.

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